In layman’s language a web portal would be referred to as a website with lots of pages, resources and features (real time chat, voting polls, message board, rating tools, discussion forums, videos and Image gallery, blog community and others) to make it easier for customers to find all related information at one place. Initially only search engines were referred to as web portals however with the advancement in technology we see that more and more industries are coming up with web portals to cater to their business objectives as well as to give something more to customers. Exhaustively a web portal is a browser based application allowing companies to efficiently merge business processes within and across the departments by combining access to organized and unorganized data.

Portal Benefits – Why At Least One is a MUST

portal-developmentWhen more and more businesses are opting for portal development services, there definitely has to be something more to it. Below mentioned benefits hint why companies should have at least one portal:

  • Save on communication, administration, travel and training costs and benefit from higher Return on Investment
  • Manage business profitably in areas of customer services, productivity assessment, marketing and collaborations
  • Great way for companies to break away from routine business models
  • One point access for all staff members and customers to business processes and systems
  • Easy, logical and steady pulpit for information management
  • Simply eases complex business processes
  • There is always scope to modify or change with time and needs

Our Portal Development Services Set Us Apart

With proven expertise in web portal development Ginger Domain has created disparate portals for various industry types. We have helped companies expand their scope and achieve their goals by creating highly manageable, scalable, secure, flexible and interactive web portals. Some of our portal development services can be highlighted as below:

  • Job Portal
  • Real-estate Portal
  • Classified Portal
  • Matrimonial Portal
  • B2B Portal