A static website is coded in HTML, PHP, ASP etc formats and has web pages that are stored on the server in the very format that is sent to a client web browser. A static website is considered to be the most convenient way to reach the massive online population and spread the presence of a company’s products and services. The very nature of a static website is rather simple and nothing out of the ordinary. It presents information that is predefined and static. Static websites come of best use when frequent updates aren’t needed on part of the business that owns the website. With expertise and passion even a static website can come of great use. Plus the website can be loaded with a lot of information in the form of photos, videos, audios etc. A static website thus comes across as a low priced yet effective option for those who want to highlight and sell their products and services online.

Benefits of Static Website:

  • Cost for a static website designing is very low
  • Professional looking website
  • Can be very informative, as content is higher
  • Quicker & Easily noticed by the search engines
  • Easy to optimize
  • No maintenance cost
  • Changes can be made with little HTML coding knowledge

Website Maintenance Services:

As you collect feedback from your customers, you may decide to add, remove or move some of your content. Leave website maintenance worries to us. Our design experts are available to provide ongoing site updates to keep your site relevant and current. Either request a quote for website enhancements and advanced design services, or consider our monthly and annual maintenance service options.

Website Enhancement Services:

Work directly with our expert designers to make advanced design updates, embed audio and videos files, and link to online resources. Make your website more functional, engaging and appealing — providing a user friendly experience that encourages repeat visits. We Customize your website with various enhancements including flash file integration, photo faders, links to online resources and more.